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YooCare Review – The Best PC Online Service That Really Helps

April 24, 2012


Nowadays computer plays a very important part in our life, and that means we have to deal with various computer problems that we may come across, such as computer slow down, system crashes, blue screen of death, system errors, virus/spyware infection, hardware problems, etc, when facing those problems, what should we do? Somebody would say take the computer to the store for fixing, Well, I would like to ask, have you ever think about the money that cost? OK, how about get a software to fix the problem? Again, I would like to ask, can any software fix a computer hardware problems? Or, do you think it is a good idea/budget to purchase different software for each computer problem you encounter? I believe your answer is NO. Is there any solution available to help us to deal with all computer problems? Luckily here comes YooCare which is the right answer to this question.

What is YooCare
YooCare is the most professional online PC troubleshooting service that provides 24/7 online support to protect your computer from security threats, fix/maintain PC problems and maintain your computer in a healthy status. For any computer problem you meet, range from system errors to hardware problem, you can get immediate help from YooCare and solve the problem effectively.

How it work
1. Live chat/call
First you can live chat or call our YooCare agent to describe the computer problem you met

2. Connect
With your permission, our YooCare expert will connect to your computer safely over the internet via TeamViewer to diagnose your computer.

3. Solved
YooCare expert will help you to solve the problem remotely and ensure your computer is working properly. Moreover, YooCare expert will also fix and answer any other computer problems or related questions for you.

YooCare services introduction

  • Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal Service

Nowadays internet is full of threats like virus, malware, spyware, it is a terrible nightmare for every computer user. While YooCare can help you effectively remove all these threats, save your computer from such disaster and get it back to work again.

  • Computer Tune-up & Optimization Service

It is inevitable that computer will become slow over time, for problems like that, YooCare will speed up your slow computer by helping you to optimize startup, defragment hard drive, install necessary system updates, clean up junk files & temp files, remove unnecessary applications & trial software, clean and fix Windows registry and more.

  • Computer Hookup, Diagnosis & Repair Service

If your computer is acting wired such as freeze, crash, or getting blue screen of death and you don’t know the reason, just contact YooCare, our expert can diagnose the computer for you by using various professional tactics and tools and then provides you valid and effective solutions to fix it.

  • Data Backup & Data Recovery Service

Losing important computer data such as documents, files, image, video, etc could be a devastating experience for any computer user. If you come across such trouble, just talk to our professionally trained experts, we can teach you how to backup and access the important data, or recover the lost data via the internet effectively.

  • Printer Setup & Troubleshooting Service

By subscribing this service, YooCare expert will: setup your new local printer or update the printer drivers; teach you how to fix printer related problems; fix printer errors and configure the printer to let it work properly; answer and fix any other problems related to printer.

  • Email Help & Microsoft Office Setup Service

Microsoft Office is widely used by people all around the world, but not everyone knows how to slove the problems that happens during the use of Microsoft Office suit, YooCare expert is here ready to help you anytime to fix Microsoft Office & Email problems/errors as well as offers you expert tips on how to use Microsoft Office more effectively and properly.

  • Media/Video Converter Service

If you have trouble with converting a media file format for media players like mobile, PSP or iTunes, YooCare can offer you perfect help, At YooCare, we diagnose and resolve any issues related to your conversion needs.

100% guaranteed to work
All of the YooCare stuff are well-trained and experienced experts, and can deal with any types of computer problem effectively, and using YooCare service is 100% risk-free, all of the service plans are guaranteed by our unlimited 7-day money back policy.

The bottom line
YooCare offers basically everything you need to solve computer problems and maintain your computer in a perfect status. Whenever or whatever computer problem you experience, you can always get immediate and effective help from YooCare.


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